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Welcome to the India Biodiversity Portal.

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This portal intends to provide information on all aspects of biodiversity in India. It is designed to harness collective knowledge, seek voluntary participation of users and establish a participatory platform for content generation, verification and usage. Through this, the Portal aims to facilitate and enable widespread participation by all citizens in contributing and accessing information on Indian biodiversity, that benefits science and society, contributes to a sustainable future; and guides the development and use of this Portal. 

The portal intends to mobilise a collaborative community that will build high-quality map-based multimedia information on India's biodiversity. The portal is expected to be of interest to researchers, hobbyists, professionals, naturalists, policy makers, activists, educators and students, as well as the curious citizen and the netizen!

This portal is endorsed by the National Knowledge Commission, Government of India, to promote decentralization, transparency, the right to information and participatory action with respect to biodiversity conservation and utilization. It has been conceived in the public domain and will solicit broad-based participation from civil society, government, research institutions and conservation NGOs to consolidate and augment existing biodiversity information and make it readily accessible to all stakeholders.

The portal is work in progress. We will adhere to the philosophy of the perpetual beta. We realize there are always enhancements to be done, features that need to be added, performance to be optimized and improved, user interfaces to be made intuitive and easy, and not to forget, bugs to be fixed. However, since we are deploying the portal as a web application, we hope we will be able to provide frequent updates and satisfy all users.

The success of this portal depends on your participation and its usefulness as a storehouse of information on the biodiversity of India. Over the last few months we have seeded the portal with data curated by the partners involved in establishing this. All data are spatially referenced and organized into layers. Maps are organized as "Themes" and "Geographies". We have worked at two scales; national and local. At the scale of India, we have created some basal maps that provide the background for biodiversity. At the local level, based on detailed studies that have geo-referenced information, we have compiled biodiversity information on local geographies. These are just indicative layers to show the possibilities and the potential of the portal. We hope we have crossed the threshold to energize participation and usage of this portal. We expect these maps to be a minuscule part of the information on the portal once the portal generates enough participation and usage. If you have any ideas, advice or comments, please let us know.

Enjoy looking into the biological diversity of the area of your interest within India. Join the community and provide information on the biodiversity of your neighborhood. We are hoping that in due course we will have sufficient information based on widespread participation to provide information related to your neighborhoods. We hope these initial seeds will evolve into large flowering trees and then into a diverse forest.