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1 Introduction - Reference Documentation

Authors: Prabhakar R, Thomas Vattakaven, Sravanthi M, Sandeep Tandekar, Rahul kumar Sinha

Version: 2.0

1 Introduction

Welcome to the India Biodiversity Portal: A unique repository of information on India's biodiversity. The Portal aims to provide open and free access to biodiversity information. The portal enables widespread participation by all citizens in contributing to and accessing information on Indian biodiversity. We believe such open access benefits science and society, and contributes to sustainable future. Your participation is vital. We welcome your participation and feedback.

This api is useful in embeding the functionality of India Biodiversity Portal into your websites and writing sample applications for analyzing content present on the portal.

Please refer Getting Started section for example applications and on how to get started with using the api.

Dev team can be reached at support [at] indiabiosiversity [dot] org for any queries and information regarding the api.