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Checklist of Birds of Majathal Wildlife sanctuary
Majathal Wildlife sanctuary
Old ENVIS (Wildlife and Protected Areas) Species Database, Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun.
Original Source: Mishra, Charudutt, 1997. Pheasants and other birds of Majhatal Harsang Wildlife Sanctuary, Himachal Pradesh, India. Forktail (12):1-6. WII webpage:
This is a checklist of 104 species of birds found in Majathal Wildlife sanctuary. Majathal Wildlife sanctuary is located in the dense forests of Himachal Pradesh, in the district of Solan a few steps from Kashlog and 10 kms from Kararaghat. This sanctuary has a very steep and rugged terrain away from habitation. This sanctuary has the highest concentration of Goral which can be seen in its natural habitat. This sanctuary is reported to have the maximum population of endangered Cheer pheasant. Tot.area 92 km2 Loweralt. 900 m. Upperalt. 1966 m. Rainfall 1040 mm. Longit. 76o56' Latit. 31o15' Status Categories R = widespread resident r = very local resident W = widespread winter visitor w = sparse winter visitor P = widespread migrant p = sparse migrant E = endangered V = vagrant ? = status uncertain p = sparse migrant rl = introduced resident ex = extinct nT = near threatened
1). A little information about Cheer Pheasant (Catreus wallichi)-
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