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 I wish to have a seperate group dedicated to "Algae" of India.I searched for one in the existing list of groups. Its not there. kindly help me in creating such group. algae includes Seaweed also we have rich diversity of fresh water algae and seaweed. i can get you resource persons in algae. since i am a founder of Young Phycological Society International (YPSI - https://ypsi2algae.yolasite.com/), it will be easy for me to get resource persons. so kindly consider my suggestion. 

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  • U. Elaya Perumal : In reply to Thomas Vattakaven
    what is the different between open group and closed group. i am aware in open group  anyone can join, i am asking about any other differents.
  • Thomas Vattakaven : In reply to U. Elaya Perumal
    closed groups require the moderator or founder to approve requests from members before they join. That is the only difference. Closed groups are only recommended for private projects or institutional groups.
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