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 Please create Habit as new "Trait" under plants.

Options could be

Tree, Shrub, Climber/Twinner, Herb, Small herb, Grass, Sedge, Fern, Moss etc.


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  • Thomas Vattakaven : Added a comment
    The standard values for this trait (Life Form) seems to be Tree, Shrub, Herb, Climber, Grass and Fern. 
  • Dr. Rujuta : Added a comment .....This is mind boggling...the ways in which classification of plants is done. We can have simpler 5 types such as 1) Tree-Shrub-climber-herb-grass-fern-moss-lichen2) Terrestrial-aquatic-epiphytic-lithophytic-saprophytic etc3) Perennial-Annual-Ephemeral4) Native-Non-native-Naturalized5) Wild-Planted-Weed / EscapeR Prabhakar , Thomas Vattakaven - pls check.
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