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    First record of the catfish Gagata dolichonema He, 1996 (Siluriformes: Sisoridae) from India
    Journal Article
    Gagata dolichonema He, 1996 is recorded for the first time from the headwaters of the Chindwin drainage in Manipur, India. Mature individuals of this species are found to be sexually dimorphic. Males are distinguished by having long flexible distal tip of second dorsal spine extending well above the first branch ray. In females the spine terminates at the level of the first branch ray. Previous records of G. cenia from the Chindwin drainage are probably misidentifications of G. dolichonema.
    Vishwanath W., Darshan A. (2009). Journal of Threatened Taxa 11(1) pp. 578-580; doi:10.11609/JoTT.o1840.578-80