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    Mushroom diversity of Konkan region of Maharashtra, India
    Journal Article
    The forays conducted in the diverse habitats of the Konkan region of Maharashtra for four consecutive monsoon seasons during 2008–2012, revealed the occurrence of 29 mushrooms.  Among the collected mushrooms, six belonged to the family Agaricaceae, five to Lyophyllaceae, two each to Pleurotaceae, Hygrophoraceae, Marasmiaceae and Tricholomataceae; one each to Phallaceae, Physalacriaceae, Xylariaceae, Tremellaceae, Sclerodermataceae, Decrymycetaceae, Cantharellaceae, Entolomaceae, Plutaceae and Ganodermataceae.  The morphology of Tremella, Dictyophora, Daldinia, Pisolithus and Calocera were quite distinct and interesting. 
    Borkar Pramod, Doshi Anila, Navathe Sudhir (2015). Journal of Threatened Taxa 10(7) pp. 7625-7640; doi:10.11609/jott.2223.7625-7640