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    Effectivness of the GnRH analogue deslorelin as a reversible contraceptive in a neotropical primate, the Common Marmoset Callithrix Jacchus (Mammalia: Primates: Callitrichidae)
    Journal Article
    Deslorelin is a synthetic GnRH analogue, which is being used as a contraceptive in animals by acting as a gonadal suppressant.  The product Suprelorin (Virbac, Australia) contains deslorelin as a biocompatible, slow release subcutaneous implant. The continuous release of deslorelin provokes a down-regulation of GnRH receptors, and subsequently, inhibition of the synthesis and release of the gonadotropins FSH and LH, necessary for gonadal activities.  The intention of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of a subcutaneous deslorelin acetate implant (2,35mg) in suppressing ovarian cyclic activity and inhibiting ovulation in captive Common Marmoset Callithrix jacchus, and investigate the reversibility of the treatment.  Two experimental groups were formed, group deslorelin (D) with three couples and control group (C) with two couples.  To monitor the effect of the implants, hormones indicating ovarian cyclic activity were monitored non-invasively by enzyme immunoassay (fecal monoclonal antibody anti-progesterone CL 425).  Fecal samples were collected three times a week from all females during three trial phases (phase I: month 1,2,3 and 4; phase II: month: 5,6 and 7 and phase III: month 8,9 and 10).  In contrast to expectations the results of this trial indicated that there was no suppression of the ovarian cyclic activity, nor inhibition of the ovulation after the application of the implants.  The outcome of our trial can possibly be explained by the fact that the dosage of 2.35mg of deslorelin is not effective in C. jacchus.  We confirmed significant changes (p<0.05) of P4 metabolites from phase I to phase II due to the treatment after the implantation of the GnRH analogue Deslorelin.  The employed non-invasive fecal progesterone monitoring could be biologically validated and proved to be efficient in the detection of ovarian cyclic activity in this neotropical primate species, C. jacchus. 
    Rosenfield Derek A., Viau P., Oliveira C. A., Pizzutto Cristiane Schilbach; Journal of Threatened Taxa Vol 8, No 4 (2016) 26/4/2016; pp. 8652-8658; 10.11609/jott.2305.8.4.8652-8658