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    Report on range extension of eight lesser known avian species from Durgapur. Ecoregion, West Bengal, India.
    Abstract The present study reports eight avian species from Durgapur (23.48°N, 87.32°E) which has not been previously reported from this ecoregion. During a duration of two years of continuous study 186 different bird species were identified and recorded from the present study location. Durgapur ecoregion comprises of heterogeneous habitat patches which unmistakably supports higher bird diversity. Of the eight newly recorded bird species Mirafra erythroptera was most abundant. Mirafra erythroptera, Prinia sylvatica, Dumetia hyperythra and Zapornia fusca were recorded to appear throughout the year while Larus ichthyaetus and Otus brucei only appeared in the winter and Emberiza melanocephala and Muscicapa ruficauda were recorded as passage migrants (autumn and spring respectively). Again Mirafra erythroptera, Otus brucei and Emberiza melanocephala were recorded from grasslands and Prinia sylvatica, Dumetia hyperythra, Larus ichthyaetus, Muscicapa ruficauda and Zapornia fusca were recorded from wetland habitat types respectively. More extensive studies on avian species will surely enrich our knowledge about their diversity, distribution pattern and range extension from the present study location.