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    Parambassis waikhomi, a new species of glassfish (Teleostei: Ambassidae) from Loktak Lake, northeastern India
    Journal Article
    Parambassis waikhomi, a new species of glassfish from Loktak Lake, Chindwin basin in Manipur, northeastern India is distinguished from its congeners by the presence of 58-60 lateral line scales; two predorsal bones; a vertically elongated humeral spot; 24 vertebrae; maxilla reaching to ⅓ of the orbit; 8.2- 10.9 interorbital width; four preorbital ridge, 11 preorbital edge, six supraorbital ridge, 18 serrae at lower edge of preoperculum, 24 serrae at hind margin of preoperculum. The species differs from its nearest congener P. ranga by the presence of 9-10 (vs. 12-13) pectoral fin rays and 19-20 (vs. 22-28) gill rakers.
    Geetakumari K., Basudha C. (2012). Journal of Threatened Taxa 14(4) pp. 3327-3332; doi:10.11609/JoTT.o3060.3327-32