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    Bionomics of a lesser known goby, Stenogobius gymnopomus (Bleeker, 1853) (Perciformes: Gobiidae) from southern Kerala, India
    Journal Article
    The biology of a lesser known goby, Stenogobius gymnopomus was studied from the freshwater systems of southern Kerala. Dietary analysis showed that S. gymnopomus is a euryphagous feeder and an omnivore. Cladocerans, together with fish eggs and scales, constituted the major food items. The minimum size at first maturity for male S. gymnopomus is 78mm and for females 72mm. This species was found to be a batch spawner with a prolonged spawning season extending from August to December. Fecundity ranged from 46,323 to 61,291 eggs. Sex ratios revealed that local populations of S. gymnopomus are male dominated.
    Lekshmi S., Prasad G., Kumari S.D.R. (2010). Journal of Threatened Taxa 13(2) pp. 1359-1364; doi:10.11609/JoTT.o2328.1359-64