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    Taxonomy, distribution and diversity of Ficus palmata Forssk. Subsp. virgata (Roxb.) Browicz (Moraceae) in India
    Journal Article
    The examination of a large number of herbarium specimens combined with field observations reveal that Ficus palmata Forssk. subsp. palmata does not occur in India. The Indian plants occurring in the wild from the north-west to the south belong to F. palmata Forssk. subsp. virgata (Roxb.) Browicz. The maximum concentration of the taxon lies in northern India extending up to about 2200m altitude in the Himalaya. In southern India, the taxon is reported only in Andhra Pradesh. F. palmata subsp. virgata is notoriously variable in its entire range of distribution in almost all morphological characters. The variations are continuous and its two extreme forms, with entire leaves and lobed leaves, are connected with numerous intermediate forms. The taxon is closely allied to F. carica L., which is distributed from the Mediterranean region to Afghanistan and occurs only in cultivation in some parts of India. The paper also explains the relationship of the taxon with its closely allied species and provides a key to discriminate among them. In this paper, the taxon is described, illustrated with colour photographs and line drawings and provided with a distribution map.
    Tiwari R., Sudhakar J.V., Srivastava A.K., Chaudhary L.B., Murthy G.V.S., Durgapal A. (2014). Journal of Threatened Taxa 9(6) pp. 6172-6185; doi:10.11609/JoTT.o3739.6172-85