A clean list of Odonata names have been uploaded on IBP based on Subramanian, K.A. and Babu, R. (2017). Checklist of Odonata (Insecta) of India. Version 3.0.

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    Light attracted butterflies: a review from the Indian sub-region with an inventory from West Bengal, India
    Journal Article
    Butterflies are generally considered diurnal and crepuscular. Several reports regarding occasional attraction of butterflies to artificial lights at night in different regions of the India, along with some observations by the present authors (2008-2009) from West Bengal reveal a total of 31 species, comprising 3 species of Papilionids, seven Pierids, 11 Nymphalids, six Lycaenids and four Hesperiids, have been observed at artificial light sources. The previous and present observations, when analysed, suggest that the greatest number of incidents of light-attraction take place during the monsoon months (June - October).
    Chowdhury S., Soren R. (2011). Journal of Threatened Taxa 6(3) pp. 1868-1871; doi:10.11609/JoTT.o2476.1868-71