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    New records of Chondrilla australiensis and Chondrilla grandistellata (Demospongiae: Chondrosida: Chondrillidae) from Havelock Island, South Andaman, India
    Journal Article
    The genus Chondrilla is reported from the Andaman group of Islands off Havelock Island for the first time, with two species, C. grandistellata and C. australiensis in this study.  This genus has previously been reported and represented by four species in Indian waters viz., Chondrilla mixta, C. sacciformis, C. kilakaria and C. australiensis. C. australiensis is light brown to reddish-brown in colour; encrusts primarily on live boulder corals; contains oxyasters measuring 14.8-(18.5)-22.2 µm and spherasters measuring 17.3-(26)-29.7 µm. C. grandistellata is tan or brown in colour with unevenly distributed white speckles; Contains large spherasters that measure 106.3-(143.3)-175.6 µm.  In this study it is suggested that C. sacciformis specimens reported previously from India may be C. grandistellata; this probable conspecificity is also discussed.  
    Immanuel Titus, Krishnan P., Raghuraman R., Veerappan Narayansamy, Dam-Roy Sibnarayan (2015). Journal of Threatened Taxa 14(7) pp. 8167-8172; doi:10.11609/jott.2432.7.14.8167-8172