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    Habitat utilization by wetland birds of Munderikadavu, a proposed bird sanctuary in northern Kerala, India
    Journal Article
    Munderikadavu is rich in avifaunal diversity. A total of 82 species of birds from 36 families belonging to 13 orders were recorded in the wetland including wetland dependant species. Lowland vegetation had the highest species richness (46 species) followed by upland (41 species), aerial (38 species), emergent vegetation (22 species) and paddy fields (21 species).  Open water had the lowest species richness. Upland vegetation had the highest species diversity (H′-3.19) followed by aerial (H′-2.52).  There was more species overlap between emergent and low land vegetations (Cm-0.7).  The threats in Munderikadavu wetland were dumping of waste and conversion of cultivation land into shrimp farming area. Thus land use changes need to be regulated in order to conserve the wetland and bird community.  
    Roshnath R., Shruthi V. (2015). Journal of Threatened Taxa 12(7) pp. 7870-7878; doi:10.11609/jott.2377.7870-7878