Listen to the second podcast episode with leading moth observation contributor Rachit Singh, as a part of our interview series leading up to the National Moth Week on July 22

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    Fungus among us: An exploration of fungi in the Anamalai hills.
    The rainforests of the Anamalai hills in the Western Ghats provide ideal conditions for the occurence of a wide diversity of remarkable fungi. This booklet presents a brief introduction to the rich diversity of fungi in the Anamalai hills, which we hope will encourage naturalists to observe this fascinating group in the field. The fungi are identified only to the Genus level and are grouped according to their macroscopic features with each group having a different colour code. In this booklet, we deal only with macrofungi (large fungi with visible fruiting bodies. ) CONTENTS About Fungi 1 Anatomy 2 Universal veil 3 Reproduction 4 Dispersal of spores 5 Interesting facts 6 Field identification 7 Cap and stem fungi 8 Jelly fungi 24 Coral and club fungi 30 Shelf and bracket fungi 34 Other fungi 46 References 55 Index 56 Photo credits 56 INDEX OF TAXA Agaricus Amanita Ascobolus Auricularia Bird’s nest fungi Bjerkandera Boletus Calocera Calyptella Clavaroid fungi Coprinus Cookeina Cordyceps Dacrymyces Filoboletus Fomitopsis Galerina Gymnopilus Hexagonia Hygrocybe Laetiporus Leucocoprinus Macrolepiota Marasmius Microporus Mycena Omphalotus Panaeolina Peziza Phallus Phillipsia Pleurocybella Pleurotus Puff balls Pycnoporus Schizophyllum Stereum Stropharia Trametes Tremella Xylaria
    Murali, R., Jeganathan, P., Raman, T. R. S., and Mudappa, D. 2012. Fungus among us: An exploration of fungi in the Anamalai hills. Nature Conservation Foundation, Mysore.