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    Heavy metal distribution in mangrove sediment cores from selected sites along western coast of India
    Journal Article
    Sediment cores were collected from four different mangrove areas of northern Kerala and southern Karnataka, western coast of India. The cores were analysed for the concentration of five heavy metals (Pb, Ni, Zn, Cu Fe) using Atomic Absorption Spectrometry. The levels of heavy metals in the present study from all the four sediment cores were in the order Fe > Pb > Zn > Ni > Cu and the mean concentrations of each elements in different cores were comparable. According to Sediment Quality Guidelines (SQG), the mangrove sediments analysed here were moderately contaminated with Ni and heavily contaminated with Pb. The increased concentration of Ni and Pb in the sediments might be due to their atmospheric deposition or water discharge from different far away sources since the areas selected for study were not disturbed by direct anthropogenic impacts. Elevated levels of Fe which is considered to be a common phenomenon in mangrove sediments have also been found in the present study. Heavy metal levels in sediments showed statistically significant correlations with pH, calcium carbonate and organic matter. This suggests the influence of physico-chemical parameters on the adsorption, deposition and persistence of heavy metals in mangrove sediments. The heavy metal concentration and the pollution status of the mangroves of west coast, especially the areas selected in this work are less studied before. Hence the data provide from the present baseline study would be further helpful in remediation and management of mangrove ecosystem.
    P. Vidya & Rajashekhar K. Patil, Journal of Threatened Taxa, Vol 8, No 11 (2016); pp. 9356–9364