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Wildlife and adventure camp for children between 8 to 16 Years;

At Frolic Boonies children get an opportunity to explore wildlife and experience adventure at its best and return back home re-energized for the next academic year. 

Activities held during the camp will certainly be one among the activities that you always dreamt of or have wanted to do at some point of your life, for example 

  • Watching a bird build its nest, 
  • Capturing colorful fishes from a freshwater stream using nets, 
  • Exploring the moon with a telescope, 
  • Rafting on the stream running through the woods , 
  • Picking the crabs from the ground holes,
  • Examining the tiny bugs with a magnifying glass ,
  • Tracking an animal with its footprints, 
  • Venturing into the woods to see the giant red squirrel handing upside down, 
  • Traveling into the deep jungle just to see the wild animals in their own habitat,
  • Collect dry fire wood from the jungle and cook your food, 
  • Make cute little fridge magnets, 
  • Taste the liquid chocolate while molding them into shapes, 
  • Living in small tents and bamboo huts, 
  • Attracting Moths with light and honey, 
  • Winning the wheel of luck for a surprise gift, 
  • The list of activities goes on and on at Frolic Boonies.

 Let your child joy these activities and escape from the world of television, internet and virtual games. This is an opportunity for your child to get into real games, explore various real life things and perform lot of fun activities in real. Frolic Boonies aims at boosting enthusiasm levels in Children.

 Register your kid now with Frolic Boonies and let them have pure fun under safe hands.  Hurry Up! Limited Seats Available ( Only 30 Children Per Batch)

For More Information call 09448476888


Mail at camp@frolicboonies.com

Visit our website at http://www.frolicboonies.com/