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Tarkeshwar sacred grove, Pauri Garhwal District, Uttarakhand
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Checklist Info - Lat, Long: 29o50’05'’ N, 78o47’35” E Area: Rikhnikhal block of Lansdowne tehsil. Altitude: 1650 -1800 metres above mean sea level. Area: 825.50 hectare. Shrine: Lord Shiva known as Tarkeshwar or Tarasar Mahadev. Reserve forest notification number: 227/14-118 Reserve forest notification dated: 24.03.1915. Method to compile checklist - Plants were collected by investigators with help from local inhabitants in regular intervals within a period of a month. Specimens were identified botanically with the help of Forest Flora of Chakrata, Dehradun, Saharanpur Forest Divisions (Kanjilal, 1928), Flora of Upper Gangetic plains (Duthie, 1960), Flora of Mussoorie (Raizada and Saxena, 1978), Flowers of the Himalaya vol. I and II (Polunin and Stainton, 1984), Flora of District Garhwal: North West Himalaya (Gaur, 1999). Checklist Stats - No. of species: 103.
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