User profile pages have now been updated to display the user's "Life List" of observed (uploaded) and identified species. Check out your enhanced user profile to know your most commonly uploaded and identified species! You can leave feedback here.


JRS Foundation has funded the Eco-Informatics Centre (EIC) at ATREE for a project on biodiversity informatics since 2006. Since May 2008, the focus on this project is to build the India Biodiversity Portal.
The Jamsetji Tata Trust has made a grant to ATREE for setting up an Academy for Sustainability Studies and Conservation Science and for evolving interdisciplinary research methods. This initiative is partially funded by this grant
Ms. Rohini Nilekani has made a personal contribution to support this effort.
Strand Life Sciences is the technology partner to the portal since 2008. The design, architecture and development of the portal is done by an in-house team with competence in software engineering and biodiversity informatics.
CEPF has funded building the Western Ghats Portal aspart of its investment into the Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot

We thank the donors for their generous contribution towards the development of the portal.