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The Team

  • Arunabha Ghosh Arunabha Ghosh @ Strand (Nov 2010 -)

    Arunabha has over 14 years of experience in the software industry with 5 years at Strand Life Sciences. Loves his job and has been involved in engineering all Strand's software products. Has interests in photography, movies and India, its history and culture. Would like to spend more time working on the Western Ghats Portal project.

  • Ayyappan Ayyappan @ IFP (Nov 2010 -)

    IFP's botanist and researcher, Dr Ayyappan is a Life member in the Association of Plant Taxonomy and Member of International Association for Ecology (INTECOL). His research interests span Forest ecology, Plant biodiversity and dynamics, and Taxonomy and Biodiversity Informatics.

  • Balasubramanian D Balasubramanian @ IFP (Nov 2010 -)

    Balu has been involved with various interdisciplinary projects involving ICTs at IFP. His research interests include Science and Technology Studies, Free and Open Source Software studies, Development Studies among others.

  • Muthusankar G Muthusankar @ IFP (Nov 2010 -)

    As Head of the GIS curation at IFP, he is the one who brings data to life by mapping what was previously unknown.

  • Prabhakar Prabhakar R @ Strand (May 2008 -)

    I have been fascinated by the story of landscapes and peoples interactions with them. This theme has drawn me into various activities from collections of oral histories to recreating and mapping landscapes. Today, working at Strand Life Sciences, among other things, I focus upon creating a map-based spatial and species referenced portal for biodiversity and conservation. I believe in open access and will strive to build a truly open-access public participatory portal, with a little bit of help from friends...

  • Rahul Yadava Rahul Yadava @ Strand (Nov 2010 -)

    Developer. Loves designing interfaces for web applications.

  • BR Ramesh BR Ramesh @ IFP (Nov 2010 -)

    Our In-house flora expert, with a diverse background in plant diversity mapping, his inputs include archival data from researches spanning 30+ years.

  • Sandeep Tadekar Sandeep Tadekar @ Strand (March 2012 -)

    Sandeep is a computer post graduate from IISc, Bangalore and has been working at Strand since he graduated in 2007. He has worked in all computational products at Strand and wanted to work on web technologies and web apps. He has engineered and implemented many of the features on the portal and would like establish the portal as the comprehensive portal technology for biodiversity informatics in the world.

  • Sravanthi M Sravanthi @ Strand (June 2011 -)

    I am a web based software developer working for Strand Life Sciences. Its a great opportunity for me to work with this great team in developing software for creation and maintenance of Indian biodiversity information.

  • Gladwin Joseph Gladwin Joseph @ APU (May 2008 -)

    Azim Premji University, Adjunct faculty ATREE. He actively contributes towards the user-end design of the portal so that it increases collaborations and brings various actors together in naming, knowing, and saving India's biodiversity. He believes that implicit in our understanding of Biodiversity, is that it critically provides both provisioning and regulating ecosystem services to society. He is deeply committed to and champions the IBP philosophy of open source and open data for all. He would like to see IBP become a catalyzing engine of the large, diverse and distributed conservation community in India.

  • Madhura Niphadkar Madhura Niphadkar @ ATREE (May 2008 -)

    I am a geographer and a nature lover. Here is a place where I can combine both my interests and do something creative ! Cant wait to see what more I can do with this site than just creating and adding data. Hope to meet some fun people who share common interests here, and be a part of the global wiki-mapping-nature-reporting community!

  • Thomas Vattakaven Thomas Vattakaven @ Strand (Sept 2012 -)

    Microbiologist by training, nature lover by passion, I am deeply interested in biodiversity, biodiversity informatics, ecology and citizen science. My work with the portal involves data curation, campaigning for participation and content, design and feature conceptualization, maintenance and moderation.

  • Thomas Vattakaven Rahul Kumar Sinha @ Strand (Aug 2013 -)

    Rahul, a B.Tech in Computer science & engineering from IIT Hyderabad, has recently been inducted into the team and is discovering developing features and applications for biodiversity informatics

Others who have contributed

  • Arundhati Das (May 2008 - December 2008)
  • Arvind Lodaya (May 2008 - December 2008)
  • Bhupendra Singh Mehta (May 2008 - December 2008)
  • Chinmay Bokil (May 2008 - March 2009)
  • Chitra Ravi (June 2010 - June 2013)
  • Devayani Khare (Nov 2010 - June 2013)
  • Hareesh Ravuri Volunteer (Nov 2010 -Nov 2011)
  • M C Kiran (May 2008 - May 2013)
  • Nikhil Lele (May 2008 - December 2008)
  • Rashmi M K (May 2008 - December 2008)
  • R Ravindranath (May 2008 - December 2008)
  • Ravi Chellam (May 2008 - December 2008)
  • Rustam Vania (May 2008 - December 2008)
  • Sabah Rubina (June 2010 - April 2012)
  • Samuel Rajkumar Volunteer (May 2008 - November 2010)
  • Shiva Subramanya (May 2008 - December 2010)
  • Shriniwas Kulkarni (May 2008 - December 2008)
  • Shuvankar Ghosh (May 2008 - December 2008)
  • Subha Ramakrishnan Volunteer (June 2008 - December 2008)
  • Viraj Kanwade (May 2008 - December 2008)