Leading up to the National Moth Week on July 22, we interview some contributors of moth observations.Listen to the first podcast episode with Nagesh O. S. on the IBP blog.
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Freshwater Biodiversity Assessments in the Western Ghats: Fishes, Molluscs, Odonates, and Plants

Provide essential information for guiding decisions on the conservation and sustainable management of freshwater biodiversity in the Western Ghats by assimilating data on the distribution, conservation status and livelihood values of fishes, molluscs, odonates and aquatic plants, using them to define priority areas for conservation and best practices for management, and linking the results to conservation and sustainable development planning.

Project Report
Status of freshwater fishes in the Kerala region of Western Ghats Hotspot: determining distribution, abundance and threats to data deficient species from ten major river systems
Assess the status of ‘data deficient’ freshwater fishes from ten major rivers of Kerala, since freshwater fishes remain one of the most poorly studied and documented taxa in the Western Ghats. Project will generate baseline information, which will help in systematic conservation planning and action as well as monitoring and assessing the conservation status of globally threatened species of fishes in the Western Ghats
Grantee : Rajeev Raghavan
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