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Community-Based Partnerships for Impact Assessment and Regulation of Tourism in Western Ghats

Address the threats that unregulated tourism development poses to natural ecosystems within the Mysore-Nilgiri Corridor by researching environmental impacts and promoting appropriate regulatory and management measures to mitigate negative effects. Build capacity to assess tourism impacts at the grassroots level, including by establishing community-based Tourism Impact Assessment Cells at two pilot sites and disseminating results to a wide range of stakeholders

Project Report
Conservation of bio-diversity hotspot through capacity building of forest dependent communities through organic farming in Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary of North Kanara district, Karnataka, India

Identify major native species threatened by intensive chemical agriculture on selected farms in and around Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and assess the positive effect of organic farming on endemic biodiversity. Project also aims to document indigenous agricultural knowledge in reducing the effect of chemicals on flora and fauna, while promoting organic farming with active participation of stakeholders, and minimize the use of in-organic inputs to crops

Grantee : Ganapati Bhat
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Building capacities for conservation planning using open source tools and data
Addresses the gap between availability of spatial data and its use by conservationists. Basic level training will be provided in a user friendly and open source Geographical Information System (GIS) package, covering vector and raster GIS applications. Participants selected from across the Western Ghats will subsequently use the training for conservation planning, research and as a stepping stone to advanced spatial analysis
Grantee : Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning