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Enhancing Knowledge about the Conservation Status of Globally Threatened Species in the Western Ghats, with a Particular Emphasis on Reptiles

Assess the global conservation status of all 265 reptile species found in the Western Ghats, compile detailed information on each species and make the results freely available through the IUCN Red List site and other online portals. Solicit and publish articles on Western Ghats biodiversity in an open-access, peer-reviewed journal, provide tutoring to authors and disseminate widely among key stakeholders.

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Identifying critical areas for a landscape level wildlife corridor in Uttara Kannada District (northern part of Malnad-Kodagu corridor to Sahyadri - Konkan corridor) of Central Western Ghats

Assess conservation priority areas in the northern part of Malnad-Kodagu corridor in Western Ghats. Project will compile the researches done in the landscape over the years and collect baseline ecological and diversity status data for Aghanashini and Bedthi river valley in detail. Based on this, proposals would be developed to identify the priority regions in the corridor under better protection strategies with different legal options

Grantee : B.L. Hegde
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Ecology and conservation of small carnivores in the Western Ghats

Undertake ecological studies of small carnivores in Karnataka state, use this information to formulate scientifically based management recommendations for these species and disseminate the results among protected area managers, conservationists and other stakeholders

Grantee : Devcharan Jathanna
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Tarantula (Araneae: Theraphosidae) spider diversity, distribution and habitat-use: A study on Protected Area adequacy and conservation planning at a landscape level in the Western Ghats of Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka

The project is aimed to understand diversity, distribution and habitat use of theraphosid species in various land use categories in the Uttara Kannda district, Karnataka. It will help in population assessments of Indian Theraphosid spiders found in the region and also create awareness amongst locals about the importance of conservation of tarantulas in the Uttara Kannda district. As a result, it is expected to help in improving conservation efforts of these poorly known but globally threatened theraphosid spiders in the study area

Grantee : Manju Siliwal
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Western Ghats Network of Protected Areas for Threatened Amphibians
Synthesize available information and use it to prepare reference materials and plans to guide amphibian conservation efforts. Produce a comprehensive guide to the taxonomy, ecology and conservation of Western Ghats amphibians, and a national plan for their management. Map sites in critical need of protection to avoid further amphibian extinctions and advocate for the establishment of a dedicated amphibian sanctuary
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Cinnamon Plant Resources of the Central Western Ghats: Impact Assessment, Livelihood issues and Conservation through Participatory Approach
Envisages assessment of the impact of harvesting Cinnamomum malabatrum, livelihood issues, evaluating the prospects for green-labeling, promoting sustainable harvest and multiplication of species in agro forestry systems through participatory approaches is envisaged. Project outcomes include cinnamon regeneration status, level of disturbance and impact on regeneration, sustainable harvesting methods, importance of resources to the family income, prospects for green-labeling, community nurseries and planting of species
Grantee : Narsimha Hegde
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Conserving native trees in the coffee agroforestry landscape of Kodagu
Identify strategies that would enable farmers to conserve native trees within privately owned coffee estates in Kodagu that harbor a high diversity of tree species, even though economic and legal constraints are driving farmers to reduce native tree cover. Other project outcomes include production of scientific articles and development of linkages between stakeholders
Grantee : Cheryl Dwarka Nath
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