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Involving local ethnic communities in monitoring key biodiversity information and important forest resources they depend on in the Dandeli and Anamalai part of Western Ghats, India.

Envisages involving local ethnic communities in participatory conservation and monitoring of key biodiversity and important forest resources in the target areas, Anamalai (primitive Kadar and Malaya tribe) and Dandeli (Kunbi), guided by the experience from an earlier grant based in Vazhachal, whose activities will be sustained and expanded. The tribals will be empowered to monitor resources such as major NTFP trees, hornbill nesting trees, many endangered and endemic species.

Grantee : MES Asmabi College
Project Report
Tarantula (Araneae: Theraphosidae) spider diversity, distribution and habitat-use: A study on Protected Area adequacy and conservation planning at a landscape level in the Western Ghats of Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka

The project is aimed to understand diversity, distribution and habitat use of theraphosid species in various land use categories in the Uttara Kannda district, Karnataka. It will help in population assessments of Indian Theraphosid spiders found in the region and also create awareness amongst locals about the importance of conservation of tarantulas in the Uttara Kannda district. As a result, it is expected to help in improving conservation efforts of these poorly known but globally threatened theraphosid spiders in the study area

Grantee : Manju Siliwal
Project Report