Listen to the second podcast episode with leading moth observation contributor Rachit Singh, as a part of our interview series leading up to the National Moth Week on July 22
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Promotion of Community Forest Management for livelihood support of Paliyar Tribe through Bio-diversity conservation in Palani Hills - Anamalai Corridor, Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu.

With the assistance of government departments and experts, sensitize, build capacity and involve the Paliyar indigenous community in sustainable NTFP collection, while conserving the habitats and wildlife of the Palni Hills of Tamil Nadu. Collect baseline data on NTFP resource availability, expose community members to sustainable harvesting practices and promote community forest management. Explore ecotourism as a possible alternate livelihood.

Grantee : Action for Community Transformation lndia Foundation Trust
Project Report
Building a Grassroots Constituency to Conserve the River Moyar in the Mysore-Nilgiri Corridor

Build a constituency for conservation of riverine habitats along the River Moyar among local communities and create a basis for incorporating biodiversity values into local development planning by identifying and training local partners at the grassroots level, training and providing them with firsthand experience of biodiversity and socio-economic studies, and assisting them to develop "micro-plans" for conservation action

Grantee : Arulagam
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