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Conservation Plan for Securing Selected Elephant Corridors in Southern Western Ghats

Facilitate the conservation of critical elephant corridors within the Mysore-Nilgiri Corridor by evaluating the current status of each corridor, assessing local communities’ dependence on them, monitoring usage by elephants and other animals and preparing plans for securing them. Fix signage along each corridor to inform people about their importance, advise them how to minimize impacts on elephants and warn drivers

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Empowering Local Communities and Civil Society Organizations in Using Environmental Impact Assessment Process as a Conservation Tool in the Western Ghats

Empower local communities and civil society groups in the Western Ghats to address the negative environmental impacts of development projects by strengthening their capacity to engage in the EIA process; monitoring and challenging EIA reports; conducting alternative "Citizens’ EIAs;" responding to issues of urgent concern for communities and groups impacted by faulty EIAs; and establishing a network of interested groups

Grantee : Environics Trust
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Hill Biodiversity & Indigenous People: The God of Small Ecosystems

Channel local interest in the biodiversity of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve toward addressing conservation issues through establishing a Nilgiris Natural History Society, implementing activities through the society with direct conservation benefits to local communities (including conservation awards, protection of sacred groves, nature interpretation sites and conservation villages) and developing a hub for outreach, training and extension in biodiversity conservation

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