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Linking Fragmented Fresh-water Swamps through the Restoration of Micro-Corridors in Central Western Ghats

Enhance ecological connectivity within the Malnad-Kodagu Corridor and increase the genetic viability of populations of five globally threatened plant species by demonstrating approaches for restoring fragmented networks freshwater swamps. To this end, develop techniques for planning and undertaking habitat restoration, pilot them within selected micro-corridors and build capacity among grassroots institutions to sustain habitat restoration efforts into the long term.

Grantee : Snehakunja Trust
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Improving Protected Area Effectiveness through Enhanced Civil Society Support and Rigorous Monitoring of Wildlife Populations and Conservation Threats

Carry out rigorous scientific monitoring to assess the status of several species and levels of conservation threats in the Sahyadri-Konkan, Malnad-Kodagu and Mysore-Nilgiri corridors within Karnataka State. Involve and train civil society groups and the state forest department to enhance their technical capability to monitor and manage these areas in addition to providing critical management inputs

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Motivating the local communities through Documentary Movie Campaignto evolve long-term conservation strategies in the community and private reserves and achieve conservation outcomes at unprotected sites in Malnad-Kodagu Corridor

Identify and evaluate the community induced threats to biodiversity sites in Malnad-Kodagu Corridor. Suggest locally adaptable threat mitigation mechanisms in the film and promote protection of biodiversity sites from major landscape level threats like proposed mega and mini Hydroelectric Projects through film screenings among local communities and different stakeholders.

Grantee : Samvada
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Cinnamon Plant Resources of the Central Western Ghats: Impact Assessment, Livelihood issues and Conservation through Participatory Approach
Envisages assessment of the impact of harvesting Cinnamomum malabatrum, livelihood issues, evaluating the prospects for green-labeling, promoting sustainable harvest and multiplication of species in agro forestry systems through participatory approaches is envisaged. Project outcomes include cinnamon regeneration status, level of disturbance and impact on regeneration, sustainable harvesting methods, importance of resources to the family income, prospects for green-labeling, community nurseries and planting of species
Grantee : Narsimha Hegde
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Conserving native trees in the coffee agroforestry landscape of Kodagu
Identify strategies that would enable farmers to conserve native trees within privately owned coffee estates in Kodagu that harbor a high diversity of tree species, even though economic and legal constraints are driving farmers to reduce native tree cover. Other project outcomes include production of scientific articles and development of linkages between stakeholders
Grantee : Cheryl Dwarka Nath
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