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Promotion of Community Forest Management for livelihood support of Paliyar Tribe through Bio-diversity conservation in Palani Hills - Anamalai Corridor, Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu.

With the assistance of government departments and experts, sensitize, build capacity and involve the Paliyar indigenous community in sustainable NTFP collection, while conserving the habitats and wildlife of the Palni Hills of Tamil Nadu. Collect baseline data on NTFP resource availability, expose community members to sustainable harvesting practices and promote community forest management. Explore ecotourism as a possible alternate livelihood.

Grantee : Action for Community Transformation lndia Foundation Trust
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Grassland and Shola Research and Restoration of the palni Hills

Evaluate the status and restore three high altitude patches of forest land in palni Hills, presently occupied by invasive monocultures of eucalyptus and wattle, with an objective to create habitat for native biodiversity, especially Nilgiri tahr, while exposing the hill communities to biodiversity conservation and restoration that can provide vital resources, and income. Project also aims to research and identify suitable pioneer native species that can replace invasive wattle

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Revitalizing the Indigenous Farming System to Enhance the Ecological and Livelihood Security in Anamalai Corridor of Western Ghats, southern India

Revitalize capacity of tribal farmers for traditional farming, maintaining on-farm crop diversity, and practice sustainable NTFP harvest and their linkages with biodiversity, thereby improving quality of critical habitats for biodiversity conservation in the Palni Hills (Anamalai). Project aims to concentrate on rare plants, threatened species such as grizzled giant squirrel, and Paliyan tribes.

Grantee : Action for Community Transformation India Foundation (ACT India Foundation)
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