Listen to the second podcast episode with leading moth observation contributor Rachit Singh, as a part of our interview series leading up to the National Moth Week on July 22
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Evaluation of aquatic insect diversity in natural water-filled tree holes and their artificial analogues, in a tropical forest of Western Ghats

Perform a much needed scientific evaluation on the dynamics of the canopy-aquatic insects and other fauna of natural tree holes (phytotelmata) and their artificial analogues. Project explores how insects in tree holes are active colonizers trapped in a risky mostly ephemeral habitat and along with other fauna play a significant role in the ecosystem functioning in the forest canopy

Grantee : Anoop Das K.S.
Project Report
Identifying historic and present connectedness in the unique montane “sky-island” ecosystem in the Western Ghats.

Examine connectedness and the effects of anthropogenic isolation as well as historical geographic isolation on populations of an endemic, threatened bird, the White-bellied Shortwing, using microsatellite and mtDNA markers from different ‘sky-islands’ including 22 CEPF priority sites. Sky-island refer to Shola forests fragments on mountain-tops isolated by anthropogenic forces

Grantee : Robin Vijayan
Project Report