A clean list of Odonata names have been uploaded on IBP based on Subramanian, K.A. and Babu, R. (2017). Checklist of Odonata (Insecta) of India. Version 3.0.
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Produce local-language materials on biodiversity conservation using results of ongoing and completed CEPF projects and other research outputs to disseminate among local ethnic communities, Forest Departments and other key stakeholders in the Anamalai part

Envisages pooling existing knowledge on the biodiversity and its relationship with the bioclimate, forest and ethnic communities of the Anamalais including the results of ongoing and completed CEPF projects for empowerment of local forest-dwelling communities and conservationists through dissemination of local language materials such as books, study aids for ethnic children of various age group, guidelines for teachers, field guides for tribal field conservationists and natural history series

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Community Based Conservation and Monitoring of Great Hornbills (Buceros bicornis) and Malabar Pied Hornbills (Anthracoceros coronatus) and their Habitats of the Anamalai Part of Southern Western Ghats, India through Empowering The Endemic ‘Kadar’ Tribe

Developing a long-term conservation strategy for the hornbills and their habitat in the landscape unit with the support of the Kadar tribe, by assessing availability of hornbill nesting trees, nest characteristics, habitat details and threat factors. Project also envisages strengthening of ongoing participatory conservation activity in the Vazhachal forest division with the support of forest department, Kadar tribe and their community groups

Grantee : Amitha Bachan,K.H
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